Fall is here! pretty much.

Well, part of our busy season at our normal jobs has ended, and now heading into fall is the beginning of another busy season for us with our face painting business! and its also a big birthday season for our family, including my birthday!! Hopefully I’ll be able to get on here and and pump out some more Polyvore sets soon and most of all, I really want to make some tutorials for you guys! I’ve used the Shany palette a few times now and love it SO MUCH, and with all the color options there is just a million looks waiting to be created, so I’d love to start documenting the things I come up with. I’ve been watching lots of YouTube beauty gurus and have a bunch of inspiration, so I need to get on it! Shout out to Queen of Blending… you’re my favorite 🙂

Speaking of YouTube… All these beauty gurus are doing swaps and I’m so jealous!! I wish I had someone to do that with. Maybe someday I will get to, it looks sooo fun!

Fall is my favorite, especially the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and the weather is finally starting to cool off. I’m also trying to jump back into being healthy. Its so hard! So I won’t be enjoying many of those lattes this year. But I have a good friend who has committed to doing early morning workouts with me, so that has been super helpful, and gets me up early enough to start having breakfast every day. My goal is to lose at least 10 pounds by November. I’ve stopped needless snacking and started using the My FItness Pal app to keep physical track of what I eat and have accountability with some friends. So yeah! That’s a little of my life right now… thanks for sticking around, and talk to you guys soon!



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