Things I’m Loving, Shany Haul and Updates

I’m on the tail end of my busy season!! Hopefully just one more month of craziness and then I can relax. We have a few face-painting gigs coming up so we are also preparing for that. I posted a while back about some new things I was trying, so now I have another batch of things I just got that I wanted to share with you.

First of all, I just wanted to update about the Garnier BB Cream. I am still using it every day in place of my old tinted moisturizer. I’m still liking it and I am barely halfway through the bottle, which means I’ve got at least one more month of product in there. So you really get a lot for your money with that one! I recently tried using Benefit’s Porefessional Primer underneath it in my T-zone (more to come on that) and noticed that it helped the BB cream to last longer. You could probably use any primer under there if you wanted to.

Alright! So some new things I have are the Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner, Benefit’s Porefessional Primer, Physician’s Formula Super BB Cream, and some new goodies from Shany Cosmetics! I will try to keep it short and sweet with each product, but I’m warning you now, I am really excited about the stuff from Shany so you may get more than a few words!

Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner
Cost: $4-$5
Found at: Drugstores, Target, Wal Mart
I typically use Herbal Essences or Aussie conditioner, but I had a coupon for a Garnier product so I figured I’d grab a conditioner, since I go through it so quickly. This one seemed like a good choice, as it is for dry or damaged hair and my hair is prone to dryness. It contains Avocado, Olive, and Almond oil to aid in hydration and is one of the best smelling products I’ve ever used. It is a nice thick, creamy consistency. I have been using it for about three weeks now and have noticed an improvement in the condition of my hair, it is shinier, softer, and healthier. This gets an A+ in my book, I will definitely repurchase!

Porefessional Primer by Benefit
Cost: $30
Found at: Benefit counters, Ulta, Sephora,
I haven’t used many primers but someone gave me this as a gift (lucky me!!). I love Benefit and this is just another great product in their line. You don’t need much to get the job done and the balm is unbelievably silky. Like really unbelievable! It helps to minimize the appearance of pores and helps makeup to last longer. It also has Vitamin E to help protect skin. I mainly use it under my eyes and a little on my forehead, but you could use it on your whole face if you wanted. I use my Garnier BB cream over the primer and it helps to make the cream last longer. A+ from me!

Physician’s Formula Super BB All in 1 Miracle Cream
Cost: $15
Found at: CVS, Target,
A while back I received a free full size sample of PF’s Super BB All In 1 Powder and was really impressed. It was my first experience with anything from the brand and it made me want to try more of their products. I happened upon a sale at CVS and picked up the cream at a discount so I could finally try this.

First of all, it only comes in “light/medium” or “medium/deep.” I am usually on the light end of “medium” (or dark end of “light,” depending on how you look at it) but the “light/medium” in this cream is about 3 shades darker than I need. I don’t know how anyone lighter than me could ever wear this. It made me look orange! And that is just the color issue. The cream is very thick, and a bit oily feeling. I had a hard time getting it to go on evenly, and once I finally did it felt like I was wearing a heavy, full coverage cream foundation. I thought this was supposed to be a BB cream??? I guess you could mix it with a moisturizing lotion to dilute it and make it go on more easily, but as Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time fo that!” I pushed onward with the rest of my routine, adding powder and blush but I just ended up taking it all off and starting over because I looked like an Oompa-Loompa. So frustrating! I had high hopes but in the end I don’t like this cream. I give it a C, because someone whose skin actually matches this color may be able to work with it.

Shany Cosmetics Bold and Bright Collection Vivid Eyeshadow Palette
Cost: $25
Found at:, sometimes on
OKAY. I heard about Shany Cosmetics through some makeup blogs and You Tubers I follow. I have this problem you see, where I have to have every [good quality] eyeshadow I come across. I don’t actually buy them all because, well, I have really expensive taste and a tiny budget, but in my mind… I NEED THEM. I NEED THEM ALL! I have a pretty good collection, Urban Decay ranks as my favorite so I have 3 of their larger palettes, some Too Faced, some Smashbox, some random ones I’ve collected over the years… my makeup drawers are primarily eyeshadow (bless my husband for putting up with this addiction!). And yet I still don’t have every color. So then I found out about Shany and they were having a sale on what else?? Eyeshadow! A palette of 120 for 16 bucks? Yes please! AND it has pretty much every color ever imagined, putting me that much closer on my quest to eyeshadow domination! Muahahaha!


I scoured reviews, heard nothing but good things and decided to purchase this palette. They even surprised me by tossing in a lip gloss keychain, a colorful hair extension (I’ll use it for our face-painting gigs), a fancy nail filer/buffer, and nail art decals! Jackpot! Here is a really bad quality picture of the goods.


I haven’t gone into full blown testing mode, but I tried a few swatches on my hand and even without primer the color payoff was really nice. For $16 it was a great value… look at all those colors!! I will be testing over the next couple weeks and fingers crossed making a couple tutorials if my camera cooperates. 🙂



2 responses to “Things I’m Loving, Shany Haul and Updates

  1. It is nice to see you back, Stephanie 🙂 I also got hooked with the BB Cream from Garnier since I tried it for a campaign with BzzAgent. And Oemgee me want some palette with free goodies too! What an amazing bargain! Are you going to post pictures of you using the colors? So much things to ask you girl! ♥

    • The palette was a great deal! I did a test last night and the colors are great. I hope to start posting both eyeshadow and face paint tutorials soon, my lighting is SO bad in my house and my camera is bad too, but I am going to try my laptop camera next to see if its any better. maybe for Christmas I can get a real camera.

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