I really do exist! Oh and lips.

So far this summer has been disappointing for me, as far as blogging goes. My plan to update weekly has pretty much gone out the window… I haven’t even had a Vox Box in a while to keep me committed. 3 parts work schedules, 1 part social schedules, and a dash of traveling a few times a month equals one dilapidated blog. I’m sorry you must suffer, my dear readers, but until my world calms down my postings here will have to be sporadic musings.

So today this post is more of a re-blog of something I found that I like, instead of coming 100% from my imagination 🙂 Nonetheless, I am here, and I am blogging. Can’t be too picky.

I have noticed this new trend called “two-toned lips” where you use two different shades of lipstick… one color on the top lip, one on the bottom. I am not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I have used two colors to blend together to get another color before. I’ve used a slightly lighter shade to highlight the middle of my lips and a slightly darker shade on the edges… but I’ve never colored my lips separately in two shades. Anyway take a look, I found this on Makeup.com today.


At least with the ombre its less noticeable… I think I could get away with doing the ombre if the colors were similar. But I feel like doing each lip a different color would make people wonder, “Did she do that on purpose?”

I would like to state for the record that I do actually like bright colored, dramatic makeup. Maybe not to the point of purple-eyebrows-dramatic (for myself), but I am not someone who shies away from bright looks or electric green eyeshadow… I just can’t wrap my head around making each lip a solid different color.

What is your take on this? Have you seen anyone out and about with two-toned-lips? Would you wear it?





One response to “I really do exist! Oh and lips.

  1. I like how the ombre looks, but I won’ wear it myself. I’m too shy to wear a style like any in the picture. BTW, nice to see you around and congrats on winning the Vaseline brand challenge from Influenster 🙂

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