Secret Outlast Clear Gel — Special Review

In my Spring Fever Vox Box from Influenster, I was given a sample of the Secret Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant to try so that I could let you know what I think!

secret clear gel copy

I am always nervous to try new deodorants because you never know how well they’re gonna work. The last thing I want is to be walking around with b.o. because of some deodorant that can’t do its job! Anyway, I have spent the last three weeks testing this Clear Gel out, so I could let you know how it really measures up to the other deodorants I’ve tried. So here we go!

As far as packaging, it’s cute. When I apply it, I have to be honest… I hate it!! I absolutely hate the feeling of putting something wet under my arms, and the fact that it takes a minute or two to “dry.” But it does smell good, and does not leave any white marks on your clothes, so you never have to worry about doing a “dance” to get your shirt on and avoid those annoying white streaks most deodorants leave if you get anywhere close to your arm pits.

Wait, you don’t know the “dance” I’m talking about?? Please watch this:


I felt that if I was not very active during the day the deodorant worked well, but if I did any workouts or if it was warm outside and I sweat at all, the deodorant did not seem to hold up well. On one particularly hot day, I was working and I ended up getting a little sweaty and it felt like the deodorant was melting off. So gross! It definitely does not keep you dry. The smell was good when first applied, but it seemed to wear off with any activity. Sad to say, I will not be purchasing this deodorant. I still have some left in my sample, so it might be something I keep around for a night out when I know I won’t be doing anything crazy and have to risk this stuff melting away.

I have used the Secret Clinical Strength and loved it, so it is not a brand issue, just an individual product issue. If you are going to get a gel/liquidy deodorant, I recommend sticking with the Clinical Strength line as it has more staying power. As for me, I am going to go back to my clear solid deodorant that is oh-so-reliable! If you do feel inclined to try the Secret Outlast Clear Gel, you can find it at drug stores, and of course my favorite, Target for under $4.

Till next time!






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