The Purge

Oh hey, remember me?

Life has been SO crazy!! Because of the nature of my job paired with daily life, I have not been able to come on and update my blog the last few weeks. Hopefully things will slow down a bit for me soon so I can get back in the groove, but thanks so much for stickin’ with me!! I have not forgotten about you and have lots of things I hope to blog about soon.

I came across this flow chart today on Polyvore that I think is pure genius, and wanted to share it with everyone. I am horrible at getting rid of clothes, even if I haven’t worn them all year. For some reason, I feel like I might need them someday soon so I pack them away, which brings me to my current situation… which is that I have tons of clothes I don’t wear on a weekly, monthly, or even half yearly basis. Why do I do this?? In a way I feel like a hoarder because of it, even though I don’t have floor to ceiling piles. We did some spring cleaning at our house, but the closet is the ominous task I’ve been avoiding. Hopefully this chart will help me purge the items I really don’t need!


closet purging guide copy


Isn’t that awesome?! I can think of several items in my closet that need to go to the sell/swap/donate/trash pile already. And because this is a fun colorful chart, and takes the guesswork out of the decisions for me, it is actually making me want to go home and sort the closet!! I think that this chart can be applied to other things you have lying around too. Genius!

Hopefully this inspires you to finish, or maybe even start your spring cleaning. Have a garage sale with your purged items to make a few extra bucks so you can buy something new! Or maybe you could have a trading party with your friends to swap some cute items and freshen up your wardrobe.



4 responses to “The Purge

  1. Hahahaha! I am the same! Wasn’t there a chart on how to get courage to start opening the boxes or bags where you have packed all the stuff you need to get rid of? That will help me too, I think 😛

      • Oh no, I was asking if you saw by any chance something alike because I could use that one first ^_^ I also avoid big time getting in there and start opening the boxes and bags 😛 he, he, he…

      • ooOOOoooh… 🙂 haha yes it would be helpful, for sure! Having a friend help sort through things helps me too, they can give you a second opinion on if you should keep or toss things. I think that having a garage sale or selling your gently used things online for a few extra bucks is good motivation, too.

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