Weekly Disney Princess Polyvore set — Mulan!

Better late than never, right? Last week I was so busy!! So needless to say I didn’t get around to making a Disney-Princess-of-the-week-Polyvore on Friday as promised. But if I do two this week will you forgive me? I hope so.

I got a request to do a themed set inspired by Mulan. Though she’s not my favorite of the princesses, I have always loved Mulan. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and just like any young woman, wants to be accepted for who she truly is. And she’s pretty amazing! We’d definitely be friends 🙂


Plus I love the outfit she wears when she goes to meet the Matchmaker. The outfit I put together this week was inspired by Mulan’s bride outfit. Sorry this is the best picture I could find, and it isn’t the greatest but at least it gives an idea of the dress she had, in case you need a refresher:

mulandress copy

So without further ado, here is my Polyvore creation of this week’s featured Princess… Mulan!

Mulan polyvore copyPink drapey but fitted dress, a lotus flower hair pin, beads of Jade (for beauty), and dark blue pumps to finish it off in style. I also really love the Mushu-dragon inspired bracelet 🙂 To be honest this was a challenging one to put together, but I think it still echoes the details of Mulan’s bride outfit. This outfit is geared toward a formal evening out, maybe a ritzy cocktail party or dinner with someone special at the the new restaurant overlooking the city.

Hopefully you enjoyed this set! Which Disney princess do you want to see in the next set? Leave your requests in the comments below 🙂 You can follow me and see my other sets on Polyvore by clicking here. Don’t forget to subscribe/follow my blog too! See you soon–



4 responses to “Weekly Disney Princess Polyvore set — Mulan!

  1. Oh my, how do you do that? 😀 I LOVED IT! Thank you very much for considering my suggestion! It definitely reminds me about Mulan! ♥ I wish I could have that talent for clothing and accesories LOL Really, this one is great!

    • Thanks! Anyone can create outfits and artwork on Polyvore, it’s free (and addicting)! Head over to their site and try it out. I am an artist, so I’ve always loved drawing outfits and designing fancy dresses on paper, this is just a way to take it to another level and make themed sets with clothes that actually exist. Seeing all the Disney movies like 20 times each makes designing these a bit easier too 🙂 thanks so much for reading!

  2. I love all the Disney princesses they are so cool they all have very Pretty hair the Disney princess and me rapunzel doll has 20 inches of hair extra long golden hair indeed

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