Pinterest, Polyvore & Disney Princesses

Hello, my name is Sparrow, and I am a Pinterest addict.

If you are also on Pinterest, you know how dangerous it can be. Logging on to Pinterest is kind of like stepping into a time machine. You sit and drool over “100 New Recipes for Your Crockpot”, or file away some “super fast and easy” DIY projects to tackle this weekend, but before you know it you’ve fast forwarded 3 hours, skipped dinner, its now midnight and you haven’t moved from in front of your computer since you got home from work.

leavepinterestnow copy

The funniest thing about this, is that even though you know you will never get those 3 (or maybe more!) hours of your life back, you will go and do the same thing a couple days later. Or maybe even the next day if you are really addicted (and how can you not be?). Pinterest is essentially a bottomless pit of every meal, outfit, gadget, house and pet you ever wanted.

I only say all this because I am definitely guilty of all of it. I am a Pinterest-aholic. One of the things I always see in the fashion section there are these cute outfit-collages that people dream up. They’re one of my favorite things to look at! Here’s one I really like:

polyvorefave copy

I would totally wear this. Like every day. Okay not really but definitely often!

At first I thought it was just some company that was publishing them to Pinterest because the link never worked when I clicked it, but then I finally found someone who linked it properly and discovered Polyvore! It is an amazing site and community of people who just make a bunch of these fun fashion collages. So I have now added yet another addictive site to my tabs, and am a member of Polyvore.

Since I am a huge Disney freak, I decided to make one inspired by my favorite princess, Belle. And for the record here, I like the Beast in his actual “beast” form much better than his prince form. Your man should not have the same flowy hair as you, ladies. A furry, 10 foot tall talking bison-bear-lion looking thing is much more acceptable. Plus you never have to worry about having a guard dog.

So anyway, here is something I think Belle might wear if she was living in a big city, on her way to work one day.

citychicbelle copy

To incorporate both her most memorable outfits in the movie, I chose to use accents of light blue and white (taken from her countrside-girl blue dress with apron) and a goldenrod yellow gathered skirt (taken from her princess gown) mixed with nude-color makeup, and enchanted rose jewelry. πŸ™‚ Now I feel like a super Disney nerd.

Anyway it was fun to browse through the thousands of items Polyvore has that you can use to create any and every outfit you could ever dream of. I think I am going to continue along my Disney Princess theme and try to create an outfit every week for a different princess. If you have a favorite princess or Disney character you’d like to see me do next, leave your suggestions in the comments below! If you are on Polyvore, leave me a link to your page so I can check out the collections you’ve made! You can find me there under the username starlightsparrow. Until next time…



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