Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response — Special Review!

I am jumping between Vox Boxes here for a minute… I realized I didn’t finish one of my reviews from the Sweetheart box I received from Influenster around Valentine’s day!! I really wanted to jump back and complete my review of the Secret deodorant I received, because I felt it was a really great product.

secret copy

As I had mentioned, I did receive this product from Influenster for free for testing purposes. I had eyed the Clinical Strength deodorant last time I was in Target, but I just wasn’t sure how well it would work so I ended up not trying it. I also didn’t feel that I ever get sweaty enough to use something that was “clinical strength,” to be honest. But it was interesting reading up on this because, contrary to what I had thought, the purpose of this deodorant isn’t actually for people who are just super sweaty all the time.

The body will release three different types of sweat depending on the reason you’re sweating: physical activity/exercise, environmental/heat, or stress. Stress sweat is considered the worst because research shows that it happens instantaneously and smells the worst. It comes from two different glands (as compared to only one gland when sweat is from physical activity or environment), and that second gland happens to secrete more bacteria, which causes more odor. This deodorant targets the sweat we secrete due to stress, combating that odor by trapping it and locking it away instead of covering it up. It then replaces it with a nice fruity scent to keep us feeling (and smelling) fresh and clean. If that’s not enough, it also has skin soothing conditioners to keep your skin moisturized and soft, is invisible, and won’t rub off on your clothes leaving those ugly white streaks or lines! Even on black!

I have been using the Secret Clinical Strength deodorant over the past several weeks, and have really liked it. The smell is amazing, it actually smells just like a lotion I have from Victoria’s Secret! It has worked well through exercise and environmental heat, as well as stressful times. I took it on vacation with us and wore it in a very busy theme park all day and loved it. Even when racing for spots in line at the newest attractions, stress sweat never broke through to ruin my day 🙂

When my sample runs out, I plan on getting another bottle of this to keep on hand. I kind of rotate between a couple different deodorants, but I always use this one when I am going to have a busy or stressful day, just for extra security. I am so glad I got to try it out!! If you are looking for a deodorant I recommend you grabbing one of these to try as well, you won’t be sorry.

You can find Secret Clinical Strength at drug stores and mass retailers, I found it at Target, for around $8-10. You can also read more about this product by clicking here.




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