NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Okay! So years ago I tried a liquid eyeliner, and failed miserably at applying it. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was just me, maybe it was the kind that I bought…but me and the eyeliner just did not get along. So I never purchased it again!!

Fast forward to 4+ years later, and I am just getting tired of pencil liners (except my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners…those are the best!). I typically use Cover Girl’s Perfect Point liner as my everyday go-to, and it works okay but fades after more than 4 hours, and I really don’t like to have to reapply makeup throughout the day. I decided to try a liquid eyeliner again, and since I’m a newbie I chose NYC’s Liquid Liner in Black (887) since it was a good deal and I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t use it all up. I also recently tried NYC’s Liquid Lipshine and love it, so I wanted to try something else from the brand.

I carefully applied the liner in the morning. The line I did on my top lid went on beautifully! Then as I lined my bottom lid, I somehow got the liner in one eye, which made my eye water and I had to wait to reapply it until I was done crying. Once that ordeal was over I was able to paint on a perfect line (without getting it in my eye), and I was quite pleased with my result! Apparently somehow over the past 4 years I have developed the skill to apply liquid liner. I could probably credit this new skill to the fact that I’m now a semi-practiced face painter and familiar with painting on and around peoples eyes… but I’d rather think that I’m just magically great at this new thing.

As for the attributes of the liner, I thought it came in a nice, cute little black tube. The brush of the liner is small and fine tipped, making it easy to paint on extremely thin lines, or apply a little pressure to achieve more thickness. I normally do winged or cat-eye liner on myself, and it was really easy to get that look with the brush in this liner. I also felt that the color was nice and dark, it didn’t need to have two coats to achieve a good solid line. I wouldn’t say that it is quick-drying, but after about a minute it seemed to have set well. By the end of the day, the liner still looked clean and solid, and had not smudged. The package indicates that the formula also has skin conditioning ingredients, which is always a plus. For only $2.99, this is a steal! I tend to gravitate toward Urban Decay, Smashbox, and Benefit products, but for a simple, every day eyeliner, I feel like this is a really great product! I will definitely purchase it again.

Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!



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