Eyeshadow Is An Accessory

I’ve mentioned before that I love eyeshadow. And if you have been to my house you have probably seen how much of it I have. Well, I was browsing around online looking for new ways I could be doing my eyeshadow and I fell in love with this tutorial I found. The tutorial showed how to do a cut-crease that featured a solid sweep of gunmetal colored glitter on the lid and above the cut-crease was a traditional smoky eye. I know this sounds dramatic–and it was–but I loved it! As I was watching, I was thinking of ways I could adapt it and what other colors I could use, etc… and then the person giving the tutorial mentioned that even though it was a go-to look for her, she was aware that most people would not be not brave enough to wear that look during the daytime because it was just too dramatic. What?

The more I thought about it, the more I noticed that you actually don’t see many people rockin’ a smoky eye, let alone black eyeshadow during the day. Why are the more dramatic eye looks considered to be only for nighttime? It made me think about all the times I’ve worn a smoky eye during the day, or used black eyeshadow accented with bright colors to match an outfit or even just for fun. Do people think I’m crazy? Lol! Even as I write this, I am wearing a pretty dramatic black, white and gold smoky eye with black eyeliner. It is not the first time I’ve worn a dramatic eye look during the day, in fact 99% of the time, my eyeshadow does err on the dramatic side. Its just what I love! Am I alone in this? Apparently I’m one of the few people who are “brave” enough (or crazy enough?) to wear this look during the day.

eyeshadowmeme2 copy

I guess what I’m trying to say through this tangent is that I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to wear any makeup look you like at any time or any occasion. It is a way for you to show your style and have fun with your cosmetics! To me, makeup is an accessory, just like wearing a necklace or earrings with your outfit. So why not use it and have fun with it? I have always gravitated toward the dramatic, more colorful eyeshadow styles, especially the ones that bring out your eye color and/or accentuate their shape. I understand some people are more self conscious about bright colors than others and not everyone is going to want a black, blue, and bright green eyeshadow design 🙂 but just because its daytime does not mean you must only stick to the neutrals in your palette. Break away from the norm! Do something different! Have fun!

I decided to make a little section of shadow color recommendations below for each eye color, in case there is someone who is new to eyeshadow, is unsure of the best colors for them, or is just trying to think of something different to try. These are just recommendations and ideas to get your mind going and I do not in any way claim to be a professional! I am simply a makeup enthusiast and based off of my observations these are my opinions. Any eyeshadow colors will end up looking a little different on everyone because of your unique skin tone, and I encourage you to experiment with new color combinations and styles whenever you can to see what works for you! Technically your eye shape can play a part in where you apply certain colors, but for now, lets just keep it simple. I have included the picture below as a very basic guide so that you will better understand what I’m talking about next. I found this guide at http://www.mymakeupmakeover.com.

basic_eye copy

Blue eyes:
There are many shades of blue eyes, ranging from icy blue to a deep, marine blue. In general, earth tones, greys, and even dark or muted jewel tones will bring out your eyes. You should stay away from using a blue eyeshadow that is close to the color of your eyes. I’d recommend sticking with a navy blue if you must, and keep it to a minimum or use it as eye liner in the outer corners of the eye. Try doing a grey smoky eye using a very light sheer metallic pink (almost sheer white in color) as the highlight, metallic silver as the mid-tone, and dark, shimmery gunmetal grey as the accent! To make it even more dramatic, use a purple eyeliner!

Green eyes:
Purples, golds, and earthy browns will make your eyes pop. Try doing a smoky eye using a matte taupe as the highlight, paired with lavender as the mid-tone and shimmery chocolate brown as the accent! Next time you do a traditional black smoky eye, try using a metallic gold eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes for some added flair! The pop of gold will bring out the green in your eyes.

Brown eyes:
Brown eyes can range from light, to chocolate, to almost black in color. The nice thing about having brown eyes is that just about any color will work for you. If you are trying to make your eyes pop though, greens, metallic golds and pinks used as a mid-tone work well. In my opinion, jewel toned greens and purples as an accent color are especially pretty on brown eyes! Flat browns usually won’t do your eyes justice, so if you do plan on using a chocolate hue, make sure it has shimmer or is metallic. Next time you do your shadow, try using metallic gold as the highlight, forest green as the mid-tone, and shimmery chocolate brown as the accent! If you’re really brave and want to try a dramatic look using brighter colors, try using sheer metallic white as a highlight, metallic green as the inner-midtone (close to your inner eye corner), cobalt blue as the outer-midtone (starting about half-way over your lid and extending to the outer corner), then blend in shimmery black as the accent! Woo!

Amber eyes:
Amber eyes are similar to having light brown eyes, but usually have more of a gold or orange tone in them. This is the category I fall into. The thing I like about the amber color is that (like brown eyes) there is also a wide range of colors that work for them. Based off of my experience, the only color I’ve found that doesn’t work is pastel blue. But since we aren’t in the late 80’s there aren’t many occasions where I would want a light blue shadow anyway, so I think we’re safe 🙂 Gold and green shadows bring out the gold tone in amber eyes, purples and pinks bring out the brown tones, and silver, grey and black shadows bring an earthy-stone color out. A bright color that looks great on amber eyes is a metallic turquoise or coral. Try using one of those colors as a mid-tone with metallic white as a highlight and black or gunmetal as an accent!

Hazel eyes:
Hazel eyes fall somewhere in between blue, green, and amber eyes. They can really be anywhere in that spectrum, or sometimes an interesting mix of all three! If you have hazel eyes, I’d recommend trying to figure out which color your eyes have more of, and then try some recommended shadow colors from that section. Then experiment yourself! If you do a little hunting, you may be able to find a loose powder pigment shadow that is gold iridescent, so it picks up greens and blues when the light hits it. That would probably look amazing on hazel eyes! I have a pink iridescent that picks up blue and purple…love it!

Grey eyes:
I think grey eyes are so cool! Not many people have true grey eyes… I had to include a picture to clarify:


Pretty huh? I think many colors would look nice on grey eyes. Of course, traditional nude’s, but especially dark colors such as black and dark purple…also metallic blues, pinks and coral colors. Lots of choices! A sheer nude shadow as a highlight, metallic copper as a mid-tone, and shimmery gunmetal grey as an accent would be gorgeous!

As I said, I am no professional, and I really encourage you to get a couple of good quality eye shadows and just play with them to see what works for you! If you do have eyeshadow but you mainly stick to neutrals, I challenge you to try one dramatic or colorful eye look every week. Just for fun! Even just using colored eyeliner adds a little extra pizazz to any look. I’d love you to post your eyeshadow creations for me to see. In the coming months, I am hoping to start taking pictures of my own eyeshadow looks and then post them as well. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! 🙂 Have a great weekend! Until next time…



One response to “Eyeshadow Is An Accessory

  1. As a blue-eyed gal, I really like to use bronze- and copper-toned eyeshadows. They are slightly orange or reddish-brown, which is a direct contrast to blue (according to that color-wheel you learned about in elementary school). They really make my eyes pop!

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