The Naked’s – Review

Hi everyone! I hope that you had a nice New Years. I can’t believe its January again…the older I get, the faster the years seem to go.

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of an eyeshadow fanatic. I love all makeup and could easily spend 2 hours wandering an Ulta (I’ve done it before…), but eyeshadow is pretty much my kryptonite. I have to thank Phoenix and give him credit here, because he puts up with my cosmetic insanity. Our bathroom doesn’t have a lot of storage space…three small drawers, a cupboard and a medicine cabinet to be exact… and 4 out of 5 of those places is jam packed with my cosmetics and hair products. But he doesn’t complain and even feeds my addiction by making sure I have all the eyeshadow palettes I so desire. I knew I married him for a reason!! 🙂

For Christmas this year, he bought me the Naked palette. I know I’m late on getting this one! But when it originally came out I had a neutral palette already, and couldn’t justify getting it…though Phoenix did offer! I also received the Naked 2 palette from someone else, so he thought it would be nice to complete the set by getting me this one.

nakedpalette copy

I have used this several times in the past week or so since receiving it and I love it. The Naked palettes have all the staple colors any girl should have in her makeup drawer, and all the colors blend well together. I like the original Naked palette because it is the warmer neutrals, but still has a shimmery black and a blueish slate grey so that you can create the traditional smoky eye if you so choose. I also like to do a natural smoky eye using the browns. It comes with a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion, as well (tried it and love it more than the Smashbox one) and is packed in a velvety flip-open case with one of their Good Karma Eyeshadow Brushes. The palette runs $50 and can be found at Ulta, Sephora, or on the Urban Decay website, of course.

So as I mentioned, I was spoiled and also received the Naked 2 palette from a friend this holiday. This palette is equally as beautiful and is themed with more grey-neutrals, which makes it a perfect pair with the original Naked palette.

naked2palettefull copy

Originally I didn’t see the point in having both palettes, since they are both neutrals. I mean how many neutrals am I really going to use? But once I saw them in person I was able to see the differences and how they are both essential to us makeup junkies. Having both sets really gives you every neutral color you’d ever need for any look, and you can mix and match to create hundreds of different styles between them. The only color repeated in this set from the original Naked palette is Half Baked, which is a metallic gold, but its one of my most used colors so I’m fine with that! I think that most people could get away with only having these two palettes in their makeup drawer, but if you need those bold colors (as I do!) you could just buy your favorite individual brights and pair them with the neutrals in these two sets if you wanted to.

Or you can be like me and have 7 different palettes in your makeup drawer, and still have those individual colors floating around. You can never have too much eyeshadow. That’s my motto!

The Naked 2 palette came with a double ended Good Karma Shadow/Crease Eyeshadow Brush, and a travel size Lip Junkie lip gloss in “Naked.” This lip gloss also has a slight plumping effect… which I didn’t know until I had been wearing it for a couple of hours and noticed my lips were a little fuller than normal. I usually stay away from those but this one was really nice, and didn’t leave my lips feeling sticky and gross. When this mini one runs out I will probably buy another. I also tried layering it over a nude lipstick the other day and it was really nice! The palette comes in a metal case that snaps shut, so I feel like its a little more durable than the original Naked.

The only thing I didn’t like about this palette is that the colors don’t seem quite as rich as the original Naked. Maybe because they are more grey toned… I don’t know. Still good though. It is also priced at $50 and will be found in the same places as the Naked palette.

I hope you enjoyed my review! If you are just starting to experiment with eyeshadow, are trying to build your collection or just looking for something new to get, I’d really recommend getting at least one, if not both of these sets. $50 might seem a little steep but these things last a really long time, especially if you are rotating between other palettes or only use shadows a few times a week. Plus the colors in these sets will get you by with any look you’ll be sporting. In the weeks ahead I will be reviewing the Urban Decay Vice Palette, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Smoked Glide-On Eye Pencil Set, and the Benefit They’re Real! mascara. I am also working on my reviews of all my amazing Holiday 2012 Vox Box products from Influenster! Please subscribe or check back soon…and have a blessed day!



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